Do you have any question about the Caliu range barbecues size or the difference between Caliu, Caliu Plus and Caliu Horeca ? Yes, we understand it, it can be a bit confusing! So this is why today we will explain you in a graphic and simple way the barbecues sizes and the difference between the Caliu range barbecues. 

Size of the barbecues


The Caliu, Caliu Plus and Caliu Horeca barbecues can be used for 4-6 people, or, in the case of the Caliu Horeca for an intensive use in the kitchen or showcooking.

The Caliueta BBQ is perfect for two people. The Caliueta Càtering  is the double size of the Caliueta and its perfect for small banquets or showcooking. Finally, the Caliu Catering is the ideal one for large banquets, big pieces and also for showcooking.


Difference between Caliu, Caliu Plus and Caliu Horeca

The Caliu bbq, Caliu Plus bbq and the Caliu Horeca bbq are three barbecues apparently so similar but each one has its own pecularities, that make them unique and different barbecues.

Barbacoa Caliu Plus

The first one. The original concept that has developed the product range Caliu and from which the other barbecues have been designed. It is the most unique.

The main difference from the others two is that the Caliu Plus has two cork brackets. This special feature allow that the Caliu Plus barbecue can be placed in two different positions; the first one with the cork brackets on the table, using it for cooking. And the second one with the bottom of the barbecue turned upside down, in this case it can be used as a brazier.

Caliu Plus


Barbacoa Caliu

It has stainless steel legs instead of cork. The Caliu barbecue is always used in the same position, as you see in the picture below. Its sizes (465 x 305 x 160 mm) are slightly higher than the Caliu Plus and Caliu Horeca barbecues (both are 400 x 305 x 140 mm).

Barbacoa Caliu








Barbacoa Caliu Horeca

The Caliu Horeca barbecue it has been designed for professionals. Its materials are more robust and thicker, that makes Caliu Horeca perfect to be used intensively and daily in events or caterings. Caliu Horeca has also fixation pivots to lift the case and make it used with higher temperature and with more charcoal without problems.

At first sight Caliu Horeca it is virtually identical to the Caliu barbecue.

Barbacoa Caliu Horeca