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Design and innovate is what makes Bahí&Güell possible. That’s why we work for companies and people that want customised products according to their needs. So, if you also want to innovate, revolution or make a difference with your business or at your home, get in touch with us and we’ll create an exclusive product for you

Customised products
Some examples:

Double plate

Vicenç posed us a challenge. Redefine a concept of an already existing double plate but widening its possibilities. From this concept Double Plate was born: a piece that is complex in its execution yet simple and minimalist in its aesthetics. The combination of the piece made of white glazed ceramic and the frosted glass piece allows you to play with transparencies and serve food in different sensory phases. The pieces can also be used separately.

This was a project for: Restaurant La Plaça, Madremanya

In collaboration with FOOS Artglass and Ivet Bazaco Ceràmica


Calçots barbecue

This project was special for us because Sebastià barely gave instructions. We were just told that we had to create a special BBQ meant to cook calçots (calçots are one of our most typical and beloved vegetables in our country, typically cooked in the barbecue. They are similar to scallions). The only thing that was told to us was to create the best and most practical BBQ to cook calçots, with a different and unique style. A BBQ that, however, could also be used to cook other kinds of food. So we created a new System that allows you to create a very large number of calçots at once, with very durable and robust grates.

This was a project for:


Mimcook is a project that the chef Sergi Escolà commissioned to us. He owns and is the manager of the restaurant el Casinet in Tarragona. He set us out a problem, Sergi wanted to make sure that all the different rice that he serves at his restaurant have the same quality, either if they are cooked by himself or by his team. This is how Mimcook was born. It is machine that controls with precision and standardises each phase of the rice cooking process. The chef can memorize his recipes in the Mimcook, and can be reproduced as many times as he wants.

This was a project for: Restaurant Casinet.

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One plate

Mercè wanted a unique plate. The One plate is a unique concept of a versatile plate. It’s basically made of two elements: a plate made of ceramics with organic reminiscences and an intense reddish colour, and a top glass piece that allows you to experiment and to present food in a different way. The combination of the two materials creates the perfect plate. This plate allows the creation of a recipe step by step, or combining different textures, with an amazing presentation. One plate, thousand versions.

This project was for: Mercès.

In collaboration with Montse Zurilla Ceràmica

Plate caliu Els Tinars

The restaurant Els Tinars contact us; they want us to re design and made a version of our plate Caliu, an exclusive adaptation only for them. Following this concept and the style of Marc, the chef, the caliu plate Els Tinars was born. It’s a special version of one of our Caliu Plates, adapted and designed with a base made of Iroko wood. That gives it a sense of warmness and matches perfectly with the restaurant which it was made for, Els Tinars. The result: a sophisticated and unique piece for an excellent restaurant.

This was a project for: Restaurant Els Tinars


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