Lighting the charcoal and the bbq is easy when you know the basics. Today we are going to show you that lighting a barbecue is simple, and how to do it in a quick, clean and easy way.  Here are a few tips and advices that will turn you into the best when lighting a bbq.

How to light a BBQ step by step:

  1. Get some quality charcoal, if it’s possible ecological and with high calorific value, like the coconut shell charcoal. Having the best fuel is indispensable to start properly.
  2. Make a small mountain with the charcoal and light it. Having some eco tablets will make the task easier for you. If   the charcoal is cooling down you will need to use some dry branches to stir it up or a few more eco tablets.
  3. If you don’t want to have problems lighting the charcoal, you can buy a chimney for the bbq, the ideal accessory to light the charcoal. To use it you only have to put one tablet, light it and fill the chimney with charcoal, as you will see below. In just 20 minutes you can start cooking.
  4. When the charcoal begins to be grey around the edges means that is ready to start cooking.