Cassoletes Terra

Rústic i modern
en un únic concepte.
Ideal per mantenir el
menjar calent a taula

Descobreix la gamma Terra

The terracota pans perfect
to keep the food warm at the table

It is the perfect accessory for your barbecue. They are used with small coconut shell charcoal, which make it possible
to keep the food warm at the perfect temperature. They are available in different colours and sizes.

A useful and versatile accessory

The different sizes of the terracota pans Terra will allow you to use it for many people, or use it individually, in case you use the smallest one of the range.

You can find the terracota pans Terra in three diferent colours: slate, chocolate and honey. They are the perfect accessory for your barbecue, which you can enjoy your meal warm.

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