Pinces de cuina LOV
Emplata con precisión,
come o cocina con las
pinzas LOV. Te ofrecemos tres
modelos: Sushi, Gourmet y Caliu

Descubre los modelos de pinzas LOV

The versatility of the LOV Caliu Tongs

Cook and plate up food like a real chef with the LOV Caliu Tongs . Available in diferent models, depending on how you want to use them. You can use LOV Caliu Tongs for cook, eat or plate up food:

To eat sushi as a true oriental

To plate up food as a real chef

To cook as a true grill lover

LOV, build your own tongs

We want you to be a part of our products and their designs, that’s why when you receive the Caliu tongs you’ll have to play a food game. You will create your own tongs in an easy and quick way.

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