Accessoris per la barbacoa

Amplia els teus horitzons
culinaris. Treu tot el profit
de la teva barbacoa amb
els accessoris per brasa.

Descobreix tots els accessoris

Multiple accessories, endless possibilities

With the ember accessories we want to make as easy as possible for you to cook with the barbecue. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your barbecue, being able to cook in multiple ways.

Coconut shell charcoal, no smells no smokes

Our shell charcoal has the right characteristics to avoid the most common problems when barbecuing: smells and smokes. The coconut shell charcoal lasts longer than traditional charcoal and it will help you avoid theese common problems.

Our coconut shell charcoal comes in monodose bags to make sure that the experience of barbecuing is as practical and clean as possible. Each monodose bag is perfect for barbecuing up to 6 people. Monodose bags are sold in boxes of 6 bags.


The terracota pans perfect
to keep the food warm at the table

It is the perfect accessory for your barbecue. They are used with small coconut shell charcoal, which make it possible
to keep the food warm at the perfect temperature. They are available in different colours and sizes.

Cook with your barbecue creating the oven effect

A way to broaden the cooking horizons with your barbecue. You can cook incredible seafood or chocolate coulants with the lid, an elegant way to steam cook. Cook smoked food or steam food with the Lid for your barbecue.


Light the charcoal in only 20 minutes with the chimney

With the chimney the charcoal lights in a quick, clean and easy way. Put some charcoal inside, light it, and in only 20 minutes,  the charcoal will be ready and you will be able to start cooking.

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